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Looking for a large selection of firearms at competitive cost?
Pistols -Rifles -Shotguns or -Archery?
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Deerfield Pistol and Archery Center (DPAC) has it right at your fingertips. DPAC offers you knowledgeable advice, based on years of experience.

Yearly Inspections, Cleaning and Part Replacements
Glock, Smith & Wesson or any other brand our staff is trained and prepared for you.

Try it Before You Buy It!
Thinking of investing in a semi-automatic pistol? How about a revolver? But you are not sure if the gun will be a good fit for you? Try it out before you buy it! Fire off some test rounds in the comfort of our indoor range! Then you'll know for sure you've made the right choice!

Gun Smithing
For your convenience, we offer on-staff professional firearm maintenance for fast, reliable, custom service and repairs. Whether you're adding a scope to your favorite rifle, tuning-up the accuracy to tack-driving performance or just completing needed maintenance, the pros at DPAC are here to help you.

Ultrasonic Gun Cleaning
Keep your firearm clean, dependable and looking new with good, systematic cleaning maintenance (recommended after every use). Few things are as dreary or laborious as thoroughly cleaning a firearm. Our ultrasonic cleaning takes only minutes and flushes out those cracks and crevices you can't get to. Prices for handgun ultrasonic cleaning are $25 and long gun ultrasonic cleaning are $45.

Below you will see many of the firearm and ammo suppliers we carry in our shop.



 Blackburn (reloads)

 Beretta Firearms


 Glock Firearms

 Mag Tech

 Mossberg Firearms


 Smith & Wesson


 Ruger Firearms


 Springfield Armory Firearms


 Remington Firearms


 Taurus Firearms

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