Deerfield Pistol Range  

Range Rules

  1. Handgun caliber firearms only (.22, 25, 32, 380, 9, 40, 45, 357, 38, 44)
  2. Loaded weapons allowed on firing line only. There shall be no loaded weapons elsewhere in the facility.
  3. Standing or seated shooting only (No Kneeling or Prone).
  4. No quick drawing from holster.
  5. No rapid fire (No more than a two round burst).
  6. Weapons must be unloaded and cased/holstered upon leaving the firing line.
  7. While on the firing line, muzzles must be pointed down range at all times.
  8. All misfires, equipment problems, and injuries must be reported to Deerfield Pistol and Archery Center immediately.
  9. Deerfield Pistol and Archery Center is not responsible for any lost or stolen items.
  10. Deerfield Pistol and Archery Center is not liable for any injuries or accidents sustained while in the range.
  11. Any inappropriate behavior in the range will result in immediate removal.
  12. Only shoot at the target of your assigned lane.
  13. No drugs, alcohol, or tobacco products allowed on premises.
  14. Factory loaded and reload ammo is permitted. No metal piercing, incendiary, zinc alloy or exploding ammo is allowed. The range master may inspect all firearms and ammo and may prohibit their use if deemed unsafe or exceed the range specifications.
  15. Violation of range rules subjects you to immediate removal.
  16. Eye and ear protection must be worn by all persons while in the range.
  17. Please observe range emergency procedures posted in the range observation room and the indoor range.
  18. Be careful, shoot safely, and have fun!
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