Deerfield Pistol Range  

Techno Hunt

  • Deerfield Pistol range does no longer sells archery equipment. The Technohunt archery range is available for rent by Appointment only. 
    Please call 764-2040 to reserve the range.
  • $15 per half hour per person and $25 per hour per person.
  • Call For Reservations

  • We run leagues throughout the year please call us for information or check our calendar.
    8 weeks long for $75 per shooter. The league scenario will take approximately 30 minutes each week.
    More leagues will be added as interest grows.
    Individuals can shoot anytime between 12:00pm and 9:00pm 

Techno Hunt Techno Hunt
Techno Hunt Techno Hunt

3d interactive system
Use your own compound and traditional bow
All shooter are required to change the tips of the arrows to the
     Techno Hunt archery system tips provided by DPAC
     when you rent time in the range.
Hundreds of hunting scenarios
Open to the public
Hourly shooting

Techno Hunt offers an amazing variety of superbly produced scenarios. Filmed up close by professional and adventurous wildlife photographers, the cinematography is motion picture quality and will put you face-to-face with the wild! Scenes are stable, bright and vividly dramatic with continually refreshed scenarios in constant development! Archers embark on a stunningly real life excursion using their own bow and arrows affixed with exclusive tips. Shooters never get bored.

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