Deerfield Pistol Range  

Wisconsin Concealed Carry

Wisconsin CCW Classes
We have set dates for WCCW class.
4 Hr class (3 hr classroom, 1 hr range)
Firearm and 50 rds of ammo needed
$85 per student
20 students per class
We will add more dates as they fill up
Call for available dates and to register



WI DOJ has updated its website with information about rules for WCCW.  For applications and additional WCCW information

In our WCCW class we provide you with the information you need to know to properly and safely carry a concealed weapon. We start with the basics of WI rules and regulations. The liability of where you can carry, how to carry, and all the implications involved in carry a concealed weapon including deadly force decision making and the physical and mental results from a confrontation. We cover different types of firearms, ammunition, holsters, basic firearm safety, basic fundamentals, and personal protection information. We are one of the only facilities that require a range proficiency portion as part of the class. After the classroom presentation we have a live fire portion in our indoor range. To complete the class we run you through defensive pistol scenes in our interactive range allowing you to make the decision of use of force or not.

We have had over a thousand students in our classes and we will continue to offer them in the future. Please check our calendar for updates on classes dates and times.

What makes DPAC stand above the rest when it comes to the training classes?

First of all we are an all inclusive FULL time facility. We have a pistol range, classroom, gun shop, and training facility all in one. We do this full time and we make sure you are getting all the information you need in the classroom as well as on the range. This is not a hobby for us it is our job to make sure you know what you are doing with your firearm. We include live fire training in our classes. Making sure you understand the fundamentals of the pistol as well as the legal aspects. Our prices are reasonable and our trainings stand above the rest.


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